Friday, October 26, 2012

Prairie Tykes Halloween Party

After preschool we headed to Conner Prairie for a Prairie Tykes Halloween Party.  Parker C
Coop went as Spiderman.
Sawyer went as a cute skeleton.
The class started with a story and songs.  We love Miss Mary.
Then the kids got to decorate pumpkins.  They could use feathers, stickers, goggly eyes, yarn, and markers.
Anything with glue is right up his alley.
They had so much fun.
I love this face.
He said his pumpkin was awesome!  He was so proud. 
Coop added hair to his pumpkin.
Next it was game time.
Pin the face on the pumpkin.
Pumpkin bowling.
Corn toss.
Bone toss.
Miss Mary is so sweet.
Parker started coughing while we were there so he stayed with me during the games.  He really started to feel bad.  He ended up going to Medcheck in the evening and had an ear infection.
Snack time.
Trick or treating.
Getting candy.
They got to trick or treat back in the offices.
What a great pirate.
Mimi and Sawyer.
I think he really enjoyed his first Halloween party.

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