Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gigi's 5th Birthday

On Saturday we were excited to celebrate Gigi's 5th birthday with her.

Her party was at Half Baked Pottery in Broadripple.
All of the party guests got to pick a piece of pottery to paint.
Baylor picked a football helmet.
He was excited to paint.  Gigi selected the colors of paint and they were all pastels but he did great making his helmet with the colors.
Coop picked a dog.
Hard at work.
Gigi is the cutest thing ever!  She wanted a rainbow unicorn party so her Mommy made unicorn hats to wear and they had fun favors shaped like a unicorn.  The art party was the perfect rainbow choice and her paint choices were just like a rainbow.  The birthday girl picked a cute little penguin.
Sawyer was a little fussy at the party.
The Gambrel family.
It was such a neat spot for a party.
I'm so thankful for this sweet friend of mine.  I told you Sawyer was a little crabby.
The five year olds.  Andrea and I had the exact same due date with these two cuties and they are just four days apart.
All of the painters.
Addi and Baylor.
Eating his favor.
Gigi loves babies and got to hold Sawyer.
She was so sweet talking to him.
Parker fell asleep on the way to the party and came in for the second half but still got to paint too.
He painted a football trophy and kept saying this is awesome.
He wanted to do it all by himself, imagine that!
Happy Birthday Gigi!  We had a great time at your party and loved celebrating your special day with you.  You are such a sweet girl!

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