Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkins with Pop

Over the weekend the boys took turns going over to Mimi and Pop's house to carve a pumpkin with Pop.
Parker went first while the big boys were at the barn party.
He was excited!  
He wanted a happy pumpkin with Pop.
He was excited that he got to stay and play too.
Great work.

He loved the light inside the pumpkin.
Then the big boys went on Sunday afternoon.
They wanted scary pumpkins.

So cool.
Baylor with his pumpkin.

Coop with his pumpkin.


Mimi and Pop's house is ready for Halloween.


The Gambrel Family said...

Love the pumpkins! What a great activity for them to do together!

Diane Freestone said...

Pop is SOOOO artistic!! Between the gingerbread houses and the pumpkins....he is GREAT!! Happy Halloween to my potato heads!! :-D

Emily said...

Your Dad does such a great job!