Monday, October 15, 2012

Cooper's Birthday Night

Coop got to skip nap time on his birthday.  He said five year old don't need naps, which I disagree with, but obliged on his birthday.
Mimi took the big boys to Build A Bear for a birthday treat.  He picked a wolf and some new clothes.  He was so excited.
Daddy met us back at the condo for dinner.  Coop picked Demetrio's for his birthday dinner.

Love my five year old.
He wanted to sit by Miss Sarah.
He opened his presents before dinner.
Some new superheros.
Mimi and Pop got him a Captain America that throws a shield and talks.  He loved it.
He eats so well at Demetrio's.
It's his favorite place!
He requested a Batman cake.
He loved his cake!

It was huge and we shared with the staff at the restaurant.
He's five and he's strong!
Coop ended his fifth birthday at the pool with Daddy and his brothers.  He had a great day!

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The Gambrel Family said...

What an awesome birthday! He looks so cute in all of the pictures and very happy. You can tell he really had the best time!!