Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trick or Treating at the Beach

Before dinner we went trick or treating at the beach.  We had three little potato heads ready for some candy.
Our first stop was across the street at Miss Diane's house.
At the door.
Miss Diane and Tom spoiled the boys.  They each got a treat bag with Halloween surprises and some tasty homemade goodies.
Nice teeth.
Sawyer got a surprise too.
Handsome with those teeth.
Diane and Tom just moved her full time from Michigan in August.  We have been friends with Diane since before Baylor was born.
They have a great view of the inter coastal waters.  It's so pretty.
Parker's teeth.
Mimi and Diane.
Miss Diane made us yummy cookies and chocolate bark too.  We all enjoyed the treats!
She is such a special lady.  We also went to visit Miss Tammy the office manager and she gave the boys lots of treats.  Our last stop was to Dr. Michael's house.  He is 98 and has lived there since I was little.  He is the sweetest man and gave the boys a ghost light.  I didn't have my camera for the last two stops.
After trick or treating we went to dinner in the Village at the Hub and had a great table outside.
It was a great night and they had live music which made it fun and noisy.
I am so thankful for him.
All week people asked is we were all sisters, so here are my sisters.
Parker enjoyed watching Dora on my phone at dinner.
This busy day wore out this little guy.  He was ready for bed.

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Diane Freestone said...

Thank you for posting these photos! We loved having the Potato Heads at the house!! All things considered, the boys behaved quite well! Parker cracked me up every time he came into the house through the lanai and he tripped and fell EVERY time!! It didn't deter him, though! Can't wait until you are back in Sarasota! Loved being able to spend time with Mimi!