Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Tom was gone all week which makes for a long week.  On Tuesday the weather was nice enough for the big boys to play outside before dinner.
We didn't tell Parker they were going outside:).  I was able to get dinner ready and watch them from the window.  I can trust them to stay in the backyard.  Parker not so much.
Jen got the boys new kick balls for their birthday and they had the best time playing with them.
They had a big game going on and were running around like crazy which made for worn out boys.

I love our yard in the fall.
Mr. blue eyes.
I like to see moments where they really get along and play great together.
It's possible.
Parker was fine playing inside because I found the tub of Diego toys in the attic that were Baylor's from when he was little.
Parker is really into Diego and Dora right now.
He is having the best time with these toys.
I also love this picture because the pile of laundry is gone too!  After Mops I came home and mom helped me get all caught up on laundry from vacation and get it all folded and hung up.  It was a relief.  
Baylor asked Santa for this Rescue Center when he was three and I can still remember how excited he was. Sweet memories.  I'm so glad we saved it because Park is loving it now!

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