Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grandparent's Breakfast

Mimi and Pop picked Baylor up at 7:10 am for the Grandparent's breakfast.  Baylor got up a little after 6:00 am because he was worried he wouldn't be ready on time.
They stopped in his room to drop off his bag and then headed to breakfast.
Mimi and Baylor.
Pappaw was there too.
Mimi brought Baylor a little present.  He got new crayons for his school box, glue sticks, and pencils and a treat bag.  He was happy and added a piece of candy to his lunch.  He loves his grandparents and was excited to spend the morning with them.  He didn't want Mimi and Pop to leave and thought they should stay for the whole day:)!

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