Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The beach is so calming.
Mimi and Pop took the big boys to the beach early and made this huge pyramid.  I came down with the little boys and Mimi kept Sawyer in the shade up by the sidewalk.
Great work Pop.
They made designs all in the pyramid.
He was writing his name.
Park loves to dig.
Happy to be skim boarding again.
Trying to catch fish.
Pop and Park.
The water is so clear and calm.
Go Baylor.
Coop catching a wave.
He loves to be on the board.
My Indiana Surfer Boy.
He is so happy to be back in the water.
Love those clouds.
My big boy.
My soon to be five year old.
He's got the moves.
Good job Baylor.
Still trying to catch fish.

My happy place.
So handsome.
Sweet cheeks.

After the beach we headed to the pool for lunch and fun.
Playing with Pop.
Tom brought home carry out from Hooters and we all spent the night at the beach.
Sawyer in the Moby.
The boys wanted time to play football at the beach with Daddy.
I went on a walk with Mimi and Pop and Sawyer was all snuggly in the Moby.
More great memories made at my favorite place on Earth!

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