Friday, October 5, 2012

Baylor's School Birthday

After going to Cooper's school we ate lunch and then headed to Baylor's school to celebrate his birthday.  Since they will both be on fall break over their birthdays we celebrated them before the two week break.
In Mrs. Meyer's class the birthday child stands on their chair when the class sings.
Baylor was eating it up.
He's not a shy child.

We brought sports cupcakes, juice, and sport treat bags.  He was excited and so were his classmates.
Baylor and Mrs. Meyer.  He's having a great time in second grade.
I love him so!
Cooper went with us and was such a great boy.
Sawyer slept the entire time.
The students have been doing an author study on Robert Munsch and Baylor wanted to stay while they listened to a few of his books.  We took him home early so he could get ready for the wedding.  We had to be at the church early for pictures.
Happy Birthday Baylor!  We love you and are so proud of you.
We saw Miss Maddy on our way out.  Love these two second graders so much!

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