Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cooper Riding without Training Wheels

When we got home from Florida Coop was anxious to get his new bike out and get started on riding without training wheels.  He kept saying the training wheels don't even touch on my old bike.  Daddy took off the training wheels and they got started.
Daddy is great at teaching and making the boys feel safe.  He's pretty great!
All of the trees looks so pretty.
Bax was busy watching too.  Poor guy had a bad experience at the groomer but it's growing back.
Getting steady and talking through what to do with Daddy.
Riding with one hand from Dad.
He was smiling but then would show he was a little nervous too.
Riding by himself.  No hands from Daddy!
Way to go Coop.
Baylor was busy riding his new bike too.
He loves it.
Park was happy to ride his four wheeler.  I love to hear him say four wheeler.  It's so cute.
A little drink break.

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