Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Love Where We Live

I'm always sad to leave the beach.  It truly is my favorite place, it's kind of like my home away from home.  I've been there since I was a baby and it's just such a calming relaxing place to be.  I often think I would love to live there, but then we get back home and it just feels right too.
I love where we live because of the little things like knowing the mailman and talking to him while playing outside in the front yard on a Saturday morning.
Baylor asked him to see the back of his truck and he hopped out and showed the boys and talked all about delivering mail.
I love our town, our church, our school, our yard, our neighborhood, but most of all I love the people who live with me in our home and make our family.
I love where we live and I love that I can visit the beach again soon too:)!

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