Monday, October 22, 2012

First Art Class

 Baylor and Maddy are taking an art class together and this was the first week.  Anna is also in the class with them.
 Mimi took them both to class tonight and picked them up.  It was a big help.
 Baylor loves art and was excited for the class to start.
 It's at Our Little World art studio in Greenfield.
 Maddy and her color wheel.  I love this girl!
 Anna with her wheel.
Baylor is already looking forward to going back next week.
This picture makes my heart ache for them as littles still.  This is Maddy and Baylor at their first art class together when they were just 4.  We loved this class taught by our friend Miss Anna and wish she still lived here to teach our other kiddos.  They loved this class!!!  Oh how fast time flies!!!

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