Monday, October 8, 2012

Sawyer's First Flight

 This is our first year on the new balanced school calendar which gives us a two week break in October.  Before we knew about Sawyer we had planned on going to Florida, but then we decided it would be too much with a newborn.  Well two weeks ago we were at horseback riding lessons and Tom called and said he had to work in Tampa would we all want to go for two weeks.  Mimi and Pop were already planning on going so it worked out great.  We kept it a secret from the boys and told them on Sunday night.  They were all excited.  We flew out on Monday afternoon and had a direct flight.  Thankfully we had four adults and four kids so it worked out great.  Sawyer was excited for his big first trip.
 The boys were so happy to be going with Mimi and Pop.
 Daddy has to work during the day but will be with us on the weekend and in the evenings.  We will be there to celebrate Cooper's birthday too.  
The flight went great.  Parker and Sawyer slept the entire time and the boys were entertained with books and DS games.  We went straight to Demetrio's for dinner on the way from the Tampa airport.  We were all so happy to be back at our favorite place.  I loved seeing the palm trees and smelling the ocean air.

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