Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturdays at the Beach are my Favorite

Saturday was the perfect beach day.  I can't think of anything more beautiful!  I usually love Saturdays because it's check in/out day and the beach and pool are never crowded but this time we all loved Saturday because Daddy was with us all day!

The water is just gorgeous.
Great day to hang at the beach.

Popsicle break.
He kept saying he didn't like big waves but he didn't have to worry today.
This may be my new screen saver or my go to photo during the winter when I have seasonal depression:).
Pop is great at finding big shells and crabs.  The boys had so much fun with him.
There was a huge crab in this shell.
Of course there is then fighting over who gets the shells and who gets to sit closer to the bucket and the list goes on.  Just because they are at the beach means the fighting ends.

This big crab was a little creepy.
You could see where he had lost a leg.
Then it was to the pool for lunch and of course popsicles.
Sawyer baby sleep in the shade at the pool.
He slept so well outside in the fresh air with a little breeze.
Park is a fish.
Hi Goggle Boy!
At night we went to St. Armands and ate at Crab and Fin outside.  We had a good table and everyone did great.  Miss Sarah was able to come with us for the second week and we were so happy to have her!
Pop and Coop.
Park and Daddy.
Mommy and Sawyer.
So thankful for them.
I wanted to take his picture when we got home because he looked so cute.  This face cracks me up!
He wasn't feeling a full on smile tonight.

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