Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cooper's Birthday Surprise

On Sunday Daddy planned a special birthday surprise for Cooper.
He went on a private fishing charter boat out in the gulf.
He's been wanting to fish and for his birthday he got his wish!
They were out of the water from 1-8.  It was a long day of fishing.
He loved playing with the bait fish.
He was happy!
So was Daddy!
Pop and Baylor were lucky to share in Cooper's birthday surprise too!

He took a few rests of the boat since it was during his nap time and he felt a little warm. 
A big catch.
Baylor getting help from the captain.
A tarpin ate the other half of this fish as they reeled him in.
Working together.
On the way to the boat Daddy stopped and took them to get hats.  It was a good thing because it was super sunny.
In a fight with a fish.
Baylor had a great time.

They asked lots of questions:)!
Love him!
What a fun day.
Hard at work.
Daddy is great at planning special things for the boys and always making them feel so loved.

Daddy and Coop.
Love Baylor's face.
Go Pop!
That's a big one.
Reeling it in.
He caught lots of fish.

Daddy's fish.

Fish lips.
What a great day!

Brotherly love moment that happened all on its own.
Good Job God!

Their fish.
With the captains.

The birthday boy.
The fishermen after a great day.

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