Friday, October 12, 2012

InstaFriday: October 12

It's Friday!  This is a InstaFriday x 3 weeks.  Things have been crazy busy around our house but lots of fun too.
1.  Coop's last game of the season.
2.  His game was actually a rain out.  It ended up pouring after the first inning and never let up.
3.  Love to watch him sleep, really love to watch him in general.
4. Sweetness.
5. My current obsession, pumpkin cream cheese muffins from Starbucks.  They are good, trust me.
6. Date night. We went to dinner, shopping for birthdays, and to the movie.  It was a great night.
7.  Parker trying to settle Mr. Sawyer down.
8. Baseball jammies.
9. These football jammies have been worn by all four boys and are one of Tom's favorites.  I think we have them in four sizes.
1.  He was an angel baby at the movies.
2.  Breakfast by Daddy.
3.  He made green eggs and sausage, per Coop's request.
4.  Tom took this Good Job God picture on the way home from the gym one morning.
5. All sprawled out.
6. Ready for the pumpkin patch.
7. Sweet cheeks.
8.  So lucky to have Tom.  He brought me a french vanilla cappuccino and this sweet note and left it for me in the bathroom one morning.  I love him.
9. Pirate books before bed, complete with a pirate flag.
Baylor with his trophies after the big win.  Tom treated the whole team to Frosty Boy after the game.  The kids were so excited!  It was fun to watch and be a part of the excitement.
1.  Boys are busy with horseback riding.
2.  Loving our Halloween clothes.
3. Spider boys.
4. Cousins getting hair cuts together.
5. Baylor's new cut.
6. Pals.
7.  Birthday dinner with my bestie.
8. Spider baby.
9. Captain America to the rescue.
Parker had an ENT appointment.  Thankfully Tom went with me because they scoped him through his nose and it was not pleasant!  He did a great job though.  We are on nose spray for a month and then go back for another visit.  After the appointment we went to the Steer In.  We had watched this restaurant on Diner, Drive Ins, and Dives.  Tom went with his mom as a boy so it was fun to go with him.  I got beef and noodles and it was so good.  I want to go again!
1. I spy a baby in the laundry.
2.  Coop talking to Sawyer.
3. Trying on his tux.
4. Reading with all four of my boys before bed.
5. My friend Trish made me homemade pumpkin muffins.  They were so good!
6. Playing.
7.  Good day for a picnic.
8. Thankful that Daddy did the bike shopping.
9. Last day of school before fall break!
1. Love his outfit.
2. Katie and me at the wedding.
3. Being in a wedding is hard work.
4. Worn out.
5. Playing with his birthday presents.
6. Daddy making Baylor's sign.
7. My next door neighbor made me a pumpkin roll.  I may or may not have eaten the whole thing by myself!
8. Disney surprises from Mimi.
9. Happy to be at the beach!
1. Happy 8 weeks Mr. Smiley.
2. Goggle boy ready to swim.
3. Picnics at the pool.
4. Trees down, first step to getting a garage.
5. Had to go to Medcheck here with Baylor, he had an ear infection.  He wasn't happy!
6. Headed to the beach.
1. I could eat him up!
2. My lunch date on the patio.
3. It was his night at dinner.  Big boys were at Disney and we could focus on him.
4. Night swimming with Daddy!
5. Superman ice cream for our Super hero.
6.  His little personality is blooming.  He's started to smile and giggle and my heart melts.
7. My breakfast, low fat I'm sure!
8. Cute.
9. I'm a fish he says, not a shark!
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