Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baylor's Birthday Surprise...First NFL Game

 Daddy had planned a special birthday surprise for Baylor.  When we got home from breakfast we had him put on his jersey and then Daddy gave him this sign and had him read it.  He was so excited when he figured out he was going to the game.  He's been really into football and watching NFL games this year and was beyond excited.  He couldn't wait to leave.
He carried his sign on the way to the stadium and a group sang to him.
 Daddy kept texting me pictures so I felt like a part of his big day too.  I was glad they were able to have this special time together.  
 He was so excited!
 He loved this part.
 He got these two special buttons and a vendor gave him a free Sprite for his birthday.  People were telling him Happy Birthday all during the game.
 His face when the Packers scored.
 Super pals.  
Colts Win!!!
It ended up being one of the most exciting games to attend for your first NFL experience.  Happy Birthday Baylor, hope your 8th birthday was great!

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