Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 Months Old

Happy 2 Months Sawyer Joseph!
 The time is flying by.  You are such a happy little guy as long as your Mommy is close by!

 In the past few weeks you have really started to smile, coo, and giggle.  You love when we talk to you and get so excited.  You move your arms and kick like crazy.  It looks like you are trying to ride a bike.  I think you are practicing because you know you have three big brothers and want to keep up.
You make some of the funniest faces.  I just love watching you.
You have had a very busy month.  You went to your first birthday party, baseball game, and traveled on a plane.  You were a great little traveler and enjoyed your time at the beach.  You sleep really well in your car seat and like being on the go.  You like movement so the stroller and car are great for you.  When you are mad and want out of your car seat you sure let us know.  You will take a deedee but are not a huge fun.  Tummy time is not your favorite but we are working on it.  You are strong and have pretty good head control.  You are nursing about every two hours during the day and sometimes even more.  I think you are a little over 14 pounds but we will see for sure at your two month check up.  You are doing better at night and generally sleep for 4-4.5 hours for the first stretch and then between 2-3.  You are still sleeping in the pack n play in our room and I think you will be there for quite some time:).  You are now wearing size 2 diapers and mostly 3-6 months in clothes.  Some clothes that run smaller you wear 9 months.  You have lots of little rolls that are pretty cute!  You are starting to like your bath more and don't scream the entire time.  As long as I talk to you throughout you are pretty happy.  You love when we sing to you and like the music on your bouncy seat and pack n play.  You love watching your big brothers and smile at them too.  They sing to you too and it's pretty sweet.  You really are a pretty happy baby and just love being held.  I love cuddling with you and watching you sleep.  I am cherishing the time I get to hold and love on you because I know how fast it goes. You are a gift to our family and we love you so!  Happy 2 Months Sweet Sawyer.

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