Thursday, June 10, 2010

Up, Up, Up

On the boat with the condos in the background.
Great Pals!
Getting a little dip in the water.
So high.
He was happy to be in the pirate parasail.
Headed up!
Just starting.
Ready for fun.
Pretty neat.
The two manatees.

This morning Daddy and Baylor went parasailing together. Every time we come to the beach Baylor talks about the parasails and how he wants to go. He could not wait until he was old enough. It was a special thing for Daddy and Bman to do together. They left early this morning to board the boat. On the way out they saw two manatees. Baylor thought it was really neat! He loved the parasail and was not scared at all. Tom said there were dolphins swimming all around them when they were in the air. What a neat experience. They had so much fun!

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