Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Surprise Visit

My two year old at sunset.
My sweet baby at sunset.
My handsome soon to be kindergartener at sunset.
I love the sky at sunset such a beautiful sight.
We were so happy to see Daddy!
We spent the day at the beach and pool and enjoyed our time outside. When we were coming in for nap we were greeted by a surprise visitor. Daddy came for the night and we were all so excited. He had a meeting in Orlando on Wednesday and was able to come to the beach for Tuesday night. The boys were so happy to see their Daddy. We went for dinner at Demetrio's per Tom's request and then back to the beach. Although the time went super fast we all soaked up the time with Tom. It was a perfect unexpected surprise visit!

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d_freestone said...

A BEAUTIFUL sunset!! GREAT pictures of all of your boys, which includes Tom. Thank you so much for sharing them. I so wish I was there to give the boys a hug and deliver some chocolate chip cookies!!! :-D Tell Mimi Hi from all of us!