Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot Day!

Handsome boys before dinner.
This is before Cooper lost it!
He kicks his legs like crazy when he sees a popsicle. He is in love!
He is such a great little swimmer. He has been going under for rings on the steps.
Getting his rings set up.
He has had an ear ache from swimming in one ear and is wearing an ear plug and using ear drops. He says it feels much better.
He's working on kicking and using his arms.

It was really hot today and there was not much of a breeze at the beach but there sure were some big waves. We played in the sand for a bit and got in the water but not too far since it was wavy. Baylor was on a raft and Cooper had his tube on and it was hard to keep them together. I was glad when they were ready to head to the pool. They had fun playing in the pool today with some other little boys. It was raining at dinner time again and we headed to the Old Salty Dog on Longboat Key. They sat us inside right by the water which looked pretty but ended up being a scary place. There was no fence or gate and Cooper had a complete meltdown at dinner. He wanted to walk around but I was so nervous with the water right there. He has done so good every night at dinner but he did not want to stay in his high chair, another chair, our lap, or the stroller. Thankfully Baylor and Parker were great at dinner. Sometimes you just never know! The highlight was seeing two dolphins play right by our table. They were so close! When we got home we went to the beach because we heard fireworks. Cooper stayed in his stroller which made clean up a breeze.

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