Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

Such a doll.
It won't be long and he will be able to sit in a high chair.
Mimi and Baylor.
I love these three little boys.
They sure are busy bees.
Sporting the new shark goggles.
Doing some cooking.
Snoozing at the pool. I feel like I have lots of pictures of him sleeping outside but when he is awake there are not many free hands:)!

It has been so hot here and at home lately that I can't believe it is the first day of summer, but we welcome this season with open arms. While spring is a close second summer is my favorite season. I love all things summer! Today we spent the day at the pool to give Cooper one more sand free day. The boys actually wanted to only go to the pool. There was a really nice breeze at the pool today and Parker fell asleep in the shade so we ate lunch at the pool. The boys are always begging to eat at the pool but it is hot for Parker to stay out so long. Next year should be much easier to stay out longer since Parker will be a little older. In the evening we went to St. Armands and had dinner at Crab and Fin. We all love the piano player there. He always plays
"When I Fall In Love" and "The Phantom Medley" for me as soon as we sit down. He is so nice and has been there for forever. We walked around but didn't stay out shopping too long since there was lots of lightning. It was a fun night.

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