Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brothers and Sisters

Being pirates!
Captain Baylor.
Brothers and Sisters
Baylor likes to play with Katherine.
They were making cookies.
Baylor and Ellie.
What a precious babe.
It was a pretty night and there was a great breeze.
Cheering on the crabs.
B with his prize.
Coop was excited that he won.
Parker had his water.
Mimi and Baylor.
Baylor's arm.
Getting painted.
He thought it tickled!

This week the big brothers have been having fun playing with three sisters. We played with Ellie, Lauren, and Katherine last year and the boys have been having a great time again this year. The girls are 3, 6, and 8. They have been having fun going on pirate voyages on the rafts. Baylor has been the captain and drives the girls. Coop has been singing Yo Ho Yo Ho over and over again. Today when we were on a pirate cruise we had a little dolphin show right out in front of us. Three dolphins were playing together and were really showing off. The kids could all see great and loved watching. The dolphins stayed right out in front of us for the longest time. It was so neat. They finally got scared off when people in kayaks rowed right next to them. The brothers and sisters have also been having fun at the pool. They have been jumping in the pool and having various contests. It is so neat to see how they play differently each week with new kids. Tonight we went back to Sharky's for kid's night. Both boys got SpongeBob painted on their arms, my personal favorite:(. We had much better luck at the crab races tonight. Cooper actually won the second and third races. He picked Silly Putty first and then let Baylor pick the second time he won. Baylor picked a football. Before leaving we walked out on the pier. The boys had a fun night!

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