Monday, June 14, 2010


Holding a "shishie".
Having fun.
The boys and their "girl" friends.
Baylor's fish.
The big net.
The water was so calm.
Parker is such a good baby.
Playing ball with the girls.
So fun.
The boys were so excited when we went to the beach this morning and the girls were there with the fishing net. They loved catching little fish last year! The girls gave them lots of little fishies to play with in their buckets. Cooper kept wanting to hold the fish and then would drop it on the floor. They spent the whole time in the water and had so much fun. It was so hot that the water was the best place to stay. Parker took a nap in his stroller right by the water so he could feel the ocean breeze. After the beach we went to the pool and played with Lee and the girls. After dinner we went to the beach for sunset. The boys wore their clothes and I tried to get a cute picture, but it didn't work out too well. Cooper ran right for the water and got soaked within minutes of hitting the sand. They were both covered in sand from head to toe. We ended the night at the pool to get all washed off before bed time. It was a very busy day!

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