Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Our family
Cute boys!
This is what most of the pictures of the four of them look like.
They were playing chase with Eli and Nicole.
He had sprinkles everywhere!
He had a big waffle cone.
Eli loves the water too.
Coop loves to jump and try to do monster cannonballs.
Looking good.
I hope Parker and Eli are as good of friends as Tom and Carl.
A happy water baby.
By the shore.
Baylor and Eli.
He was very busy digging and working in the sand today.
Since we are here with the four cutest little boys I know, I changed the words to this song. I was singing it to Parker in the pool today. We had a great day today. The boys had fun at the beach and spent lots of time in the ocean today. It was so warm! They loved playing with Eli. Eli played in the "kitchen" with the boys and it was kind of like a play pen for him. He is so cute! We had the pool all to ourselves this afternoon which the boys love. They had fun playing with Eli and swimming together. Tonight we went to Demetrio's for dinner and then back to the beach for sunset. It ended up being too cloudy for sunset but was still pretty at the beach. We all went to Big Olaf's to end the night. A great way to end a day with a "wassle" cone.

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