Saturday, June 19, 2010

A First

His boo boo.
After the drops he was much better.
It was so red.
He loved the little sink.
What a swimmer.
He loves the water.
Trying to get a fish.
Go Coop.

Saturdays are always our favorite days here at the beach. It is move in/out day and is always really quiet at the beach and pool. We all went to the beach this morning and had lots of fun. It was so quiet and still. The boys missed the girls today but were trying to find fish for themselves with their nets. We played ball and dug in the sand. Parker took a nap in the shade and we went on a walk. After the beach we went to the pool and had it all to ourselves. We stayed out until 2 and came in for a late lunch. We were going to take an early nap so we could go to St. Armands for dinner and shopping. Well our plans changed and we had a new first. Around 5:30 the boys were sitting on the couch with Mimi talking and somehow Baylor accidentally poked Cooper in his right eye. He started crying hysterically for over an hour and was so upset. I couldn't get him to open his eye and he was so upset. I called our pediatrician and she thought I should take him to the ER. Our new first was going to the Sarasota Memorial ER. We all went and it was quite an experience. Parker did so good waiting so long and Mimi kept Baylor and Parker in a germ free zone:). He ended up having a large scratch right on his pupil. He was given a prescription for eye drops. We finally left the hospital around 10:30 and stopped at McDonald's for dinner. The boys ate in the car while we drove to find a 24 hour pharmacy. We got home around 11:30 and were all exhausted. It ended up being a very different evening than originally planned but I am so thankful that we took him and it should heal fine. We need to follow up with our eye doctor, good thing we know a good one, when we get home.

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