Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rolling Thunder

Digging fun.
Playing ball.
Cooper and McKenzie
Soccer star.
Pool fun.
Cooking in pool.
Parker sat by the pies, he was happy about it.
This morning Mimi and Baylor went for a walk on the beach. Baylor thought it was super hot and did not make it as far as Mimi wanted to go. When they came back I took the big boys to the beach to play in the ocean. They were happy to find the girls in the ocean. We played ball and swam in the ocean. It was a great day. After the beach we came by to get Mimi and Parker and we all went to the pool. While we were swimming the thunder started to roll. We thought it was going to stay inland but the thunder got louder and louder and the clouds got closer. We all took a shower and came in for lunch. By the time we all made it in it started to rain. We went to McDonald's for lunch and to Walmart to check out the Toy Story section again. The boys ended up with several Toy Story action figures and a case from Mimi. They were so excited. On the way home we bought our movie tickets for Toy Story 3 tomorrow. We can't wait to see the new movie. Tonight we went to Yoder's for dinner and the boys ate great. We had fun talking to our waitress about the Man vs. Food episode. She was working on the day the show taped.

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