Saturday, June 5, 2010


First time to feel the ocean water on his feet.
Toes in the sand and Daddy's shadow.
We're working on getting this cute baby hooked too. He sure does watch his brothers like crazy.
Water fun.
Cooks at work.
A sea turtle laid eggs last night right next door and the Sea Turtle patrol was there taking measurements and marking off the nest. It was so interesting.
I loved talking to the Mote worker. She said last year there were 975 nests in the 325 mile stretch of beach they patrol. Each nest contains between 100-125 eggs and one sea turtle lays between 4-7 nests per season. After that season the turtle take a few years off to rest. I would want to rest too. So far there are close to 150 nests this season. She said there is debate on survival rates but they estimate that 1 in 10,000 turtles makes it to maturity. They have tagged some of the mothers and you can track them at I love the beach!
Parker found all the information a little tiring, ha.
Playing catch with Daddy.
Brothers and best buds.
At The Hub.
Trying to hook a fish.
Coop was trying to hit the fishies with the pole. He needs a little more work in the fishing department.
Swim shirts give a little farmer's tan.

A little rest after our walk.
He loves the beach.
BMan was writing words in the sand and here is his name.

The Hurst boys are "hooked" on surf and sand fun. The day started early for Baylor and Daddy with a little fishing at the beach. Cooper was not up yet but he would not be happy if he knew he missed out on some fun. The boys had lots of fun at the beach today and loved playing in the water. The water is so warm and the waves were smaller today, just right for the boys. They had fun playing baseball and "crisbee" at the beach. Parker was such a good boy again and seemed to enjoy the ocean breeze and waves. After lunch we headed to the pool and swam for quite a long time. Carl, Nicole, and Eli made it here safely and we saw Mr. Eli swim in the pool. Tonight we ate dinner at The Hub in the village and had a great dinner. We made it back to the beach in time for the sunset. The boys fished with Daddy again but only caught a patch of seaweed. Before coming in for the night we went to the pool for a little swim. We are all "hooked" on vacation fun.

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d_freestone said...

Thank you for the sunset!! This girl is also "hooked" on vacation, especially Siesta Key, fun!