Friday, June 4, 2010


On our first full day of vacation we had lots of "firsts".
Parker's first time to wear swim trunks at the beach.
First time to cook on this vacation.
First time to get water.
First time to sit in beach stroller.
First popsicle at the beach, they sure do melt fast.
First "kitchen" or hole of vacation. Daddy bought a big shovel at the grocery to help with the hole digging.
Parker's first nap at the beach.
There was a great breeze and the umbrella shade made it perfect.
Parker's first time in the pool at the condo.
First nap time with Daddy.
First group shot in matching outfits.
Attempt #2, Coop was not cooperating. He wanted down and was ready to go!
First time to eat at The Old Salty Dog.
First time to eat a Salty Dog.
We watched Man vs. Food last week and they visited this restaurant and the host got the Salty Dog but loaded to the max.
It was fun to go somewhere new especially after watching the show. It is right on the water and has great views on all sides. It was such a beautiful night.

Parker's first dinner nap of vacation. He was wore out and was such a good boy all day long! I'm hoping this first day is just the start of many more great vacation days!

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