Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coop's Pick

They liked the big alligator. There are signs all over the dock though to not leave children alone and beware of alligators. That was enough for me to steer clear!
So sweet.
These two sure do know how to have fun and they love love love to have fun together.
The reason we ended up at the restaurant. This Great White Shark was actually caught in Phillippi Creek in November of 1998 and weighed 1478 pounds!
A little short for the sign.
Mr. Happy
Baylor liked the shrimp.
I love this picture for so many reasons!
Beach baby.
Great hair dude.
The big sea snake.
He wants to live by the beach just like his mom.
This morning we went to the beach and went on a long walk. Baylor and Cooper really just wanted to go to the pool but I talked them into a walk. We saw lots of sand sculptures along the way which really kept their attention. We saw a pig, hammerhead shark, crab, sea snake, mermaid, and a sand snowman. Some of them were really good. After the beach we went to the pool and swam. After lunch we all went back and had fun playing in the pool. While in the pool we were talking about where we wanted to go for dinner. Cooper told me he wanted to go to the place where the big shark is hanging so it won't get us. He was talking about Philippi Creek which he has never even been too but every time we drive past it he wants to go so we went tonight. We all really liked our food and had a great dinner. Baylor even ate 2 of Mimi's butterfly shrimp and really liked them. We finished eating right before the downpour started and got in the car just in time. Since it was raining we went to Walmart to get a few groceries before coming home.

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