Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Beachy Day

We have loved going to Sharky's.
The restaurant is all decorated for the glorious 4th!
BMan ordered shrimp and salad and ate really well.
B's alligator.
Coop thinks it tickles.
Cheering on the crabs.
(Isn't that girl's face painting awesome.)
Baylor got to be the special helper and let the crabs out of the bucket.
Cute brothers cheering on the crabs!
Happy beach baby after nap.
Snoozing away in the shade.
Coop wouldn't look up so this is how B fixed the problem. Forced photography?
Hard at work.
He builds with the soul purpose of destroying!
He's getting so big!
Walking through the tunnels.
It was a little overcast this morning making for a perfect beach day for the all of us. We found a spot right by a big sand castle/ tunnel that had been broken down by the night rain but was great for the boys to play in. They had so much fun and had fun building (tearing down) the walls of the tunnels. The waves were big again but we took the boys out one at a time and they had lots of fun. Coop thought he was a big deal and was swimming in the big waves. Mimi and Baylor went to the pool after lunch for some quality Baylor time and we were going to join up a little later but after about 45 minutes of swimming the thunder started and it started to downpour. Thankfully for us it was nap time anyway and we still had the whole day outside. We went back to Sharky's tonight for our last kid's night. We have gone four weeks in a row! The boys love it there and had so much fun. It was raining but they still did the crab races and face painting under a tent. The boys both got alligators tonight on their arms and they were so cute. Baylor ordered shrimp for dinner and ate great. We were able to eat outside under the covered portion and we saw dolphins at dinner. We had another good night at Sharky's!

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