Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!

His first time to hold a popsicle. I only let him hold it for a minute or he could choke himself but he sure thinks he is big.
Can you tell he is proud?
Coop in a tube in a tube.
Going on a lobster cruise.
He got all the rings!
What a happy baby.
Baylor and Mimi spotted this beautiful rainbow after dinner.
Checking out the rainbow,
Saturday, our very favorite day, is here again! This morning we said goodbye to the sisters and Lee. The boys had so much fun with them. We also went out and told Santa goodbye before he left and he told the boys he would be checking up on them until Christmas. He was so nice! When Uncle Joe woke up we called him and sang Happy Birthday! We miss being with him on his birthday. He sure is an awesome uncle and great little brother! We Love You JOE JOE! We went to the beach and then spent the majority of the day at the pool since we had it to ourselves. We went to St. Armands and ate at the pizza place. It looked like rain and started to pour as soon as we walked into the restaurant. Everyone who was outside eating had to come in and then we had to wait for a table for close to 45 minutes. It was pouring though so there was no where to go. The boys were great waiting and were really good during dinner. Parker even fell asleep on my lap during dinner. After eating we walked around and the boys had ice cream.

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d_freestone said...

GREAT pictures! I especially loved the rainbow! Your boys are so handsome! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Makes me feel like I am there, too!