Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What a pretty spot.
My little love bug.
Before face painting.

The making of the dog face.
The finished work.

Tonight we headed back to Sharky's for kid's night. Mimi had never been there before and we wanted to go again for all the fun. We were lucky to get another great table right by the beach. Baylor was the first in line for face painting again and picked a dog again. The lady remembered him from last week and tried to talk him into a tiger, dragon, or dolphin but he wanted to show Mimi the dog from last week. The crab races were lots of fun again and Baylor was a winner again on the third round. It is total chance when picking your numbers for crabs so we were lucky to win. He picked a green ball for his prize and was quite excited. Mimi and I shared a piece of key lime pie that was delicious. We had a great night and enjoyed the fun at Sharky's.

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Libby said...

Oh that face paint is to cute!