Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quiet Saturday

We miss you Daddy!
I hope they always stay friends.

Chasing after birds. They are both so FAST!
Baylor sure does love his Mimi!

Saturdays are so nice around the complex. It is the move out day and we were one of the few people at the beach. It was nice and calm at the beach today. Cooper was so busy chasing birds today. I really think he wore himself out. We were the only people at the pool today too and it was so nice to be alone. Mimi did nap today so I went outside by myself in the afternoon. I love my quiet time with the whole pool to myself. It was like the old days at the pool. I laid by the side of the pool and read my book. Tonight Baylor picked our dinner spot so we headed back to Demetrio's. It was tasty and the boys ate great. We went to the beach for another terrific sunset. It was so pretty and there was a great breeze. After the beach I took the boys for a quick swim before coming in for the night.

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