Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Super pals together again!
They were so happy to see Pop!
Next time he comes to the beach he will be 2.
Feeding the birds.
Here birdie birdie!

We were able to go to the beach and the pool this morning before heading to the airport. Baylor had fun playing with Lee one last time. He was able to feed the seagulls and run up and down the beach. He waved goodbye to the ocean and made me cry. I am always sad to leave the beach. It truly is a place of renewal and pure beauty. When we were waiting for the taxi it started to rain. Mimi told Baylor the clouds were crying because we were going home. The boys did great flying but it was a long day. We were all so excited to see Daddy and Pop waiting for us at the airport. Baylor ran right into his Daddy's arms. It was so sweet. It really does feel good to be home. Home truly is where your family is and we feel complete.

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