Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Having fun!
Looking for sand fleas.
Mr. Social with the girls.
Mom, are you sure I should touch these fish?
Getting braver.
He wants to go get water all by himself.
Front row seats to watch the new garage door go up.

This morning started bright and early. The trash truck that sounds like it may come through the window woke Cooper up way before I was ready. We also had a new garage door installed today at the villa and the man came early too. Both boys wanted to watch and found a spot in the garage to watch. Cooper was quite busy at the beach today with four girls ranging in age from 6 to 12. Baylor was with Mimi checking on the garage when he started talking with the girls. They were catching fish in a net and then brought them to Cooper in a bucket. He sat with them and kept trying to pick up the fish. When Baylor came back they all played in the ocean and looked for sand fleas. Cooper really thinks he is old when he is in the ocean. He gets mad if I hold on to him and he wants to walk around like the big kids. His independent nature is really starting to shine through.

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