Sunday, June 28, 2009


How do I love thee?
They were racing up and down the beach.
What a great night.
Baylor wanted his picture with Mr. Demetrio.
Lee and Baylor
Resting on the raft.
Getting cooled off by Cooper.

Trying out the raft.
He is a roamer at the beach and likes to visit every spot. He took a seat in this chair in one spot.

Today was a beautiful day. We stayed at the beach for such a long time today, we didn't even eat lunch until it was almost 3:00. Baylor had so much fun playing with his friend, Lee, he did not want to leave. He is sad he has to leave and she just got here on Saturday. They have played since Baylor was a baby. They had a great time at the beach and pool. She is going to be in third grade but is so nice to Baylor and about his size and they have so much fun. The ocean was great today and they enjoyed riding the boogie board and laying on a raft. Cooper was able to play by the shore and fill his watering can with water over and over. Baylor had fun diving for fish at the pool with Lee and worked hard to keep up with her. Cooper tried to keep up with the big kids too. He dunks his whole head under the water. Tonight we went back to Demetrio's for another delicious dinner. The sunset was gorgeous with a brilliant afterglow. It was a night to say, "Good Job God". We went for a swim after the beach and then headed in for snack before bed. Tomorrow is our last beach day and we are so sad. We love the beach!

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