Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Great Job Baylor!
The fishermen.

Coop wanted to touch the fish, but then he wasn't too sure.
Best pals.
Working hard and having fun.
Hey batter batter.
Coop wanted to stay in the middle of the action.
Having fun riding on the little waves.

What a fun day the boys had today. They played so hard at the beach this morning. They played in the waves, they were tiny, and rode on the board with Daddy. Cooper kept laying down by the shore and pretended like he was swimming. It was too cute. They both had fun playing ball with Chris and Daddy. They played kickball and ran all over the beach. Then they used the handle of the broken shovel and played baseball. Baylor had a few good hits. The boys also had fun digging a big hole by the ocean and filling it with water. Jen and I enjoyed sitting in the shade under the umbrella and watching during the ball time fun. Once again we were alone at the pool and had a great time. Tonight the boys fished again with success this time. Baylor caught a fish all by himself and was so proud. Tom caught a few fish today and they enjoyed their time together.

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