Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy Beach Day

The boys with the girls.
Coop kept coming back to the girls.
Baylor is such a good swimmer.
Baylor loves to look at the lobsters at the Columbia. I love to eat their salad, it is so delicious.

The boys were busy at the beach today. It was a really hot day but the water felt great. They were both busy playing with the girls again today. There were several buckets of fish and lots of sand fleas. The kids had a great time throwing the fish to the birds. Cooper will pick them up now without any problem. I can only catch the dead fish. The ocean felt great today and was pretty calm. Baylor had fun playing paddle ball at the pool with two little girls who were more his age. He did a great job. Cooper was not as interested in swimming today and did not last quite as long. He wanted to keep getting in the shower. It looked like it was going to storm again tonight but the rain never came. We went to St. Armands tonight and ate at the Columbia, very delicious. It was cooler tonight and felt great when we were walking around the shops. We had a fun time and enjoyed our evening.

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