Saturday, June 6, 2009


On our way home with our souvenirs.
Baylor got a Mickey and his watch.
The boys with Mickey and Minnie.
He loves all the characters.

Showing off his tigger hat.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Come follow Rafiki, he know the way.
Coop loved riding on Dumbo.
Baylor got a green elephant, hurray!

This morning we woke up and checked out of our hotel and headed to the Magic Kingdom for a day of fun. We had lots or rides we wanted to go on again and were excited to eat lunch with Pooh and friends. Cooper loved riding Dumbo and on the race cars. Baylor was able to go on Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain several times and had so much fun. It rained for about an hour but we were able to stay dry and ride on inside rides. Cooper took a nap in his stroller before lunch and Baylor rode on Pirates and the Magic Carpets. We all enjoyed our lunch and we loved seeing Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet. Cooper really liked these characters and kept saying Pooh over and over again. Megan met up with us in toontown right after we saw Mickey. She has been sick with the shingles and is going home this week. We were glad to get to see her at Disney. We stayed until 9:00 and then headed back to the condo. Cooper was asleep in his car seat before we were out of the hotel parking lot. Baylor slept for about an hour and we were all happy to see Mimi when we got back to the beach. We love Disney and all the dreams that come true while you are there.

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