Friday, June 5, 2009


Digging away.
What a fun place to eat.
Baylor loved the icee in the bone glass.
What a cutie.
What a fun boat ride.
The slide was so fun.
Mommy and the king of the pool.
The opening ceremony and announcing the king of the pool.

Swinging on the beach.
Cooper was pulling Pluto's whiskers.

We love Mickey.
Coop likes him better from a distance.
Lilo and Baylor.
Stitch was trying to eat Baylor's food and was looking for coffee.

We woke up early this morning to have breakfast at Ohana with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo, and Stitch. Baylor was so excited to see all of them and Cooper was a little apprehensive. He liked them much better from a distance and kept saying Mickey. He liked the parade and seeing the characters dance. After breakfast we went to the pool at our hotel. We were there before it opened and a lifeguard asked Baylor if he wanted to be the king of the pool and go down the slide first. He went all by himself and the lifeguard took him to the top and put a lei on him and announced his name and that he was the king for the day. It was so cute and he was so excited and proud. He even got a special certificate from the lifeguard. We swam all afternoon at the pool and both boys had so much fun. Baylor loved the slide and Cooper enjoyed the splash pad. When Cooper was sleeping in the stroller Baylor and Daddy went on a boat ride on the lagoon. They went by the castle and saw all the hotels. We were able to stay at the pool until 3:00 when the rain started. In the evening we headed to Downtown Disney and ate dinner at the T-Rex restaurant. The restaurant is amazing and is so neat to look at all the dinosaurs and different rooms. Cooper was a little unsure but kept wanting to give the Woolly Mammoth a drink from his cup. When we were done eating they have a dinosaur digging area by the restaurant and we had fun in there. We walked around and shopped for some of our souvenirs and then went back to the pool for a night swim. We were able to watch the fireworks from our balcony again to end the day.

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