Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun, Food, and Fish

Daddy and his super pal.
Jenny and Chris were headed to dinner as we were going to the beach.

Enjoying a yum yum at the pool.
A pirate smile.
My boys!

This morning Tom and Chris went golfing and I headed to the beach with the boys and Jenny. It was hot today at the beach, but the umbrella and the water made it just perfect. We played in the ocean for a long time and had lots of fun. Daddy said golfing was super hot but they had a good time and played pretty well. After lunch we went to the pool with Daddy and had lots of fun. We were the only people there and had the whole pool to ourselves. The boys love playing with Daddy. Tonight we went to Yoder's for a very healthy dinner, not really. It was delcious and Cooper ate his entire dinner. After dinner we went to the beach and Tom and Baylor tried to fish. They had fun but didn't have any luck tonight. They are going to try again tomorrow to catch a fish. I think we may need to start a little earlier. It was another great day at the beach.

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