Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bye Daddy

Trying to fish in the waves. Baylor was on Daddy's shoulders.
Having a drink.

This morning we were slow to wake up and get started after getting home late last night. Everyone was tired from our days at Disney. Cooper never even woke up so he was excited to see Mimi at the condo when he woke up. Both boys were so excited to see Mimi and are so happy she is here. We could tell it was going to storm today but headed to the beach and were able to spend close to two hours there before the rain came. Jenny and Chris were there today for their last day so Baylor was happy to play with the ball, in the waves, and try to fish. It was very wavy today and fishing was a little difficult. We were so sad to see Daddy leave and had such a great time with him on vacation. We love you Daddy!

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