Thursday, June 25, 2009


We love the beach!
Aren't they cute?
My beach baby!
Playing in the sand.
Jumping for the kite.
The ice cream was yummy!
We were busy at the beach playing today with all our friends. Baylor is having so much fun with the sisters and they play so well together. Cooper likes to wander from spot to spot. We spent a long time at the pool this afternoon and had fun swimming. We tried a new restaurant tonight that has been here forever but we had never been too. We were able to get back to the beach for sunset and it was lovely. Ellie, Lauren, and Katherine were there and the boys had so much fun playing with them. They were so cute running around the beach. We went to the pool again before coming in for the night. We are getting sad that our beach days are coming to an end. Baylor said tonight he loves the beach and could stay forever. He is my little beach baby!

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