Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shark Attack

On the pier.
What fun.
What a heavy load.
Checking out the crabs in training.
The view from our table.
Baylor after face painting.

How fun.

Coop ate lots of grouper and loved it.

What a fun night we had tonight. We went to Sharky's on the pier in Venice for kid's night. The restaurant is right on the beach and overlooks the ocean and is beautiful. We have never been there before but each year I hear people talk about how fun it is and that kid's night is great. They had face painting, live music, and crab races. Baylor got his face painted like a puppy dog and looked so cute, he was so excited. The crab races were fun and Baylor won the third round and got to pick a prize. We had a great table and had an excellent view on the ocean. Jenny and Chris met us there when we were finishing dinner and they sat at our table and ate too. When we were done eating we walked on the pier and saw a dolphin swimming. He was so close to the shore and kept going under the pier. Baylor was so excited to see him. It was such a fun night and a place we will definitely visit again.


The Gambrel Family said...

That place looks awesome. We are so glad that you're having fun. We miss you but hope you have a wonderful time!

Tami said...

We love Sharky's! Especially the grouper! My aunt and uncle live in Venice, so we've eaten there a few times. So nice to see you're having a great time on vacation. Enjoy!