Sunday, May 23, 2010

Uncle Joe's Birthday Party

The adorable and delicious cake made my "A Couple of Sweet Things".
It was Andy's bed from Toy Story.
Cookies to match that are oh so good!
Sarah was teaching Baylor some volleyball skills.
Coop and Uncle Joe.
Mama and Joe.
Sarah and the boys swinging.
Papa and Parker.
Two cute baby boys with their mommas.
Bubble fun with Pop. He was so sweaty and so dirty. He had dirt rings around his neck, we had to scrub in the shower.
Grandpa and Baylor. Baylor was quite sweaty too.
Egg toss fun.
Uncle Jeff and Katie were the egg toss winners!
Four generations.
Coop and Mimi with the prize basket.
The big boys got Toy Story legos from Mimi. Adam helped Cooper put his together. He loves Adam.
The little boys got stacking ring toys. Ethan crawled over to Parker to play with him.
Happy 24th Birthday Joe!!!!!
Joe's birthday is on June 26 but he has not been home for his birthday in several years. He has been in several different states and Italy over the past few summers doing amazing things. This summer he will be in Santa Fe until August 28 so we wanted to celebrate with him while he was home. Mimi let the boys pick what kind of cake he should have and they both thought Toy Story would be great. Mimi ordered the cutest cake ever and had prizes and goodies all around Toy Story. It was a beautiful evening, a little on the hot side, so we ate Kopper Kettle outside. The boys had so much fun playing ball, frisbee, bubbles, an on the hammock. They were sweating like crazy. They played with Sarah, Chris, Pop and everyone else. We played egg toss and corn hole and Coop was quite happy with the prizes. He kept telling Mimi, " I winned again I need another prize". Joe we love you and had a great time celebrating you! You are so special to all of us!

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