Monday, May 3, 2010

Last Full Week

Baylor was excited to bring these teacup planters to his teachers.
Baylor and Parker snuggling before school.
He did some bug hunting. There were lots of worms.
He thinks he is a BIG DEAL when he drives the four wheeler.
What a doll!
I love this face.
He is loving the tractor.
We painted bread with melted butter tinted with food coloring for the butterfly wings.
Some of the bread was a little too soggy.
Coop's butterfly grilled cheese.
We used a carrot for the body and a grape for the head.
This is Baylor's last full week of preschool. The past three years has flown by and I can't believe he is going to graduate from preschool. He is getting sad and doesn't want preschool to be over. I am really talking up kindergarten and all the fun he is going to have, but I must say I am sad for preschool to be over. He has had such a positive preschool experience and has loved going every day. I am praying that kindergarten will be just as great and he will continue to love school. Today he took his teachers thank you presents and he was so proud. Daddy and Baylor planted the flowers yesterday and then he helped me write thank you notes. After school we came home for a fun day of play outside. The weather was so beautiful and the boys had a great time. They LOVE to be outside and ride their ride ons and play on the swing set. Daddy had everything charged and ready to go. For lunch we made special butterfly grilled cheese sandwiches and had fruits and veggies. After lunch we went back outside until nap. We were even able to spend a little more time outside this evening before the rain came. It was a wonderful day outside!

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