Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cool Trick

Great Job!
Tall tower.
Cup castle.
All this cup stacking wore Parker out!

If you have had the "privilege" of watching Yo Gabba Gabba you will be familiar with the cool trick segment. We don't watch Yo Gabba Gabba that often but it does follow the beloved Max and Ruby so the boys have watched it from time to time. There is always a person who does a cool trick and shows how to do it, jumping rope, drawing, or playing drums. In one episode a little boy did cup stacking as his special trick. Baylor loved to watch about cup stacking and wanted to try it out. Lately he has been busy cup stacking with our hot/cold cups. He has built some great creations. The hardest part of cup stacking for him is keeping Coop from knocking the tower over, ha!

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