Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It was really sunny!

Parker liked the ogre babies:)
Ready to watch the "moosie".
Cooper thought it was really funny.
Hanging out with Uncle Joe.
Water fun.
Uncle Joe brought Baylor this shirt from the Pirates baseball game and he has wanted to wear it nonstop. I had to hurry and wash it tonight so he could take it to Mimi's house when he spent the night.
Nice pose big guy.

The three boys and I went to the movie with Uncle Joe and Mimi today to see Shrek: The Final Chapter. When we got to the movie theatre we had to double check the time because there were hardly any cars in the parking lot. It was perfect for us because there were only a few people in the entire place. The boys did great during the entire movie. The popcorn is always a big hit and helps keep Coop entertained the entire time. The boys both sat by Uncle Joe and really enjoyed the movie. It was really cute and had lots of funny parts. Parker sat on Mimi's lap and fell asleep and never made a peep. After the movie we picked up Taco Bell and went back to Mimi's house to eat. The boys played outside in the hose again which is becoming a favorite thing to do at Mimi's house. They love to fill the buckets and squirt each other. They were worn out by nap time and both slept great.

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