Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Addison!!!!

Happy 5th Birthday!
Gigi is so adorable!
Baylor had fun with Addi's cousins at dinner.
All the cute kids.
Baylor and Addi.
Daddy jumped with the boys too!
Go Baylor!
Andi is such a great friend and mom!
Missy held Parker for a bit, they were pals.
We were so excited to celebrate Addi's 5th birthday with him at Monkey Joe's. The boys love to go there and were looking forward to bouncing all week. Baylor kept asking how many more days. All the kids had so much fun and barely stopped bouncing, climbing, or jumping for the whole two hours. Addi had a great time and was very busy bouncing. After all the fun at Monkey Joe's we all headed to Arni's for dinner, cake, and presents. The kids had so much fun with their favors from Andi during dinner. Coop was seriously occupied the entire time with the crayons, playdoh, colored chunky beads, and more. Addi got lots of fun presents and had a great time. He is such a sweet boy! Happy Birthday Addison! Thank you for making us a part of your fun birthday celebration.

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